Few of us like to think about serious illness or disability, but the reality is that cancer, heart  attack and stroke will affect nearly 300,000 Canadians yearly* and about 3.8 million working-age Canadians (aged 15 to 64) self-identified as disabled in 2012.

Health issues can have a serious emotional as well as financial impact on you as well your loved ones. Health insurance can ensure you are focused on recovery by providing a reliable financial support.

We offer three types of health insurance:

Critical Illness Insurance

Recovering from illness can be tough on you and your family, both emotionally and financially. Critical Illness insurance is a form of health insurance that provides financial security, letting you focus on recovery.

How much coverage can I get?

Typically you can obtain from $25,000 to $2 million in coverage

Who is eligible?

Your eligibility depends on three conditions:

  • You must between the ages of 18 and 65
  • You must be a Canadian citizen/permanent resident or landed immigrant who has been in Canada for more than 1 year
  • Have not been diagnosed with or receive treatment for certain medical conditions.

Disability Insurance

Being injured or disabled can put a serious strain on your income and your way of life. On average, 10% of Canadians will be injured or disabled for more than 90 days before the age of 65, limiting their ability to work and provide an income. On average, disabilities can last up to 3 years and the potential for a lifetime disability can be a major concern.

Disability insurance provides you with an essential income if an injury or disability prevents you from working. Some jobs provide employee benefits for disabilities, but in a most cases the compensation is not adequate. Consider this:

  • Worker’s Compensation only covers injuries that occur at work.
  • Your unemployment benefits will only last 15 weeks.
  • Government benefits are limited in what they can provide for you.
  • Other living costs and medical costs may not be covered by a work policy.

Our company provides Disability Insurance plans from over 20 leading Canadian providers; as a result you are guaranteed to find the lowest rate on your coverage. Apply for a no obligation quote today.

Long Term Care Insurance

It is challenging to burden your loved ones or rely on the government for your long term care needs. That is why Long Term Care Insurance can provide an affordable solution that will cover the cost of living and health care as well as protect your assets. Long-term care services will depend on your needs and are offered at home, through adult day care, in a retirement home, assisted-living setting, or long-term care facility.

Why should you consider Long Term Care Insurance?

  • You're planning for your retirement and want to protect your assets and/or your estate.
  • You want to have control over your care instead of relying on your family or the government.
  • You want the freedom to choose the type and level of care you want.
  • You want to insure your spouse or parent, and thereby, relieve the financial strain from yourself.

Bankside Financial provides Long Term Care Insurance plans ; as a result you are guaranteed to find the lowest rate on your coverage. Apply for a no obligation quote today.