Critical Insurance

 What is critical illness insurance? Why do you need it?

No one plans to get sick from an illness , but when something unexpected happens it can have a devastating financial impact, Plus if you’re unable to work during your recovery, the impact is even greater , but you can help yourself and your family by being financially prepared.

Solutions That Fit Your Needs

Critical illness insurance is designed to help financially support patients before, during and after, from the costs of medicine and treatment, to travel, specialist, home accommodations and recovery; to a lump-sum benefit when a critical illness is diagnosed.

With Bankside Financial critical illness insurance, if you become sick with one of the conditions covered by your policy and survive the waiting period, you can receive a cash benefit that you can then use the funds as you wish. for more information about critical illness insurance speak with your financial advisor.

Coverage for Adults - Oasis

Find out about the features in our basic plan for adults and children.

Coverage for Children – Child Oasis

Coverage for children if your child is diagnosed with a critical illness or condition.

Medical Referral Service

Best Doctors® offers medical referral services designed to help you and your treating physician improve the chance of a successful outcome through access to additional information about your medical evaluation and treatment options.

Counselling and Support Services