Term Life Insurance

Flexible,Temporary Protection With Options For Your Future

Whether you are looking to protect your family or your business, Term life insurance offers affordable and flexible protection you can customize to meet your temporary and growing needs.

Term life insurance is well-suited to meeting large, short-term protection needs for the lowest initial cost. For example, a couple with young children and/or a mortgage might select term life insurance as an affordable way to obtain the full coverage they need today.

Term life insurance policies do a good job of meeting immediate needs and are renewable after five, 10 or 20 years without providing proof of health. The price will increase so that it’s appropriate for your age at renewal, and the increase in premium can become substantial in later years. Coverage ceases for the majority of term contracts once you reach the age of 75 or 80.

Term gives your loved ones the financial security to:

  • Maintain a comfortable lifestyle
  • Pay off existing debts – like your mortgage
  • Fund long term investment needs like educational savings plans or RSPs
  • business owners with complex needs like key person protection or buy/sell agreements.